Part-time Hyperbaric Technician

Hyperbaric Technician/Responsibilities:

    • Prepares clients for treatment administration and answers their questions.
    • Administers the safe delivery of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the clients.
    • Monitors the performance of the hyperbaric chamber equipment and the client(s)’ responses during the session.
    • Makes appropriate data entries immediately after each hyperbaric treatment.
    • Operates and maintains the hyperbaric chamber and other hyperbaric support oxygen systems as required.
    • Performs other duties as required.


Hyperbaric Technician/Qualifications:

    • Hyperbaric Chamber Operator course or the equivalent.
    • Degree in health related study such as kinesiology, a plus.
    • Hyperbaric chamber or diver/undersea training is preferred.
    • One year or more hyperbaric systems operation experience is preferred.



    • $25 to $40 per hour, depending on qualifications and experience.


Candidates must have a positive attitude, be energetic, dependable, patient with clients, and can develop a trusting relationship with clients and staff. Must be organized, have the ability to follow through and complete work assignments independently, be responsible, and pay attention to details.

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