IHHC Reviews

“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Prior to the surgery, she received 20 treatments to improve her immune system and energy level. The oncologist was surprised with my mother’ s quick recovery from the surgery. My mother is thankful for the HBO treatments and for the staff at the Center. Thank you.”

A. Chan

“I am a Stage 4 prostate cancer patient and had an alarming PSA level of 2600.  After receiving 40 treatments of HBO, 5 sessions of radiation and some hormone therapy in a period of 5 month, I am happy that my PSA level is down to 0.29 (the normal is <5).  My condition is well managed and under control. Besides, the morning cough is gone, my energy level and appetite have significantly improved.  HBOT is amazing!”

A. Yip

“I was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme Disease and had 20 sessions of HBOT to supplement my other treatments for chronic pain.  Out of all the treatments I had done, HBOT helped my condition the most and was the most effective.  I would recommend it to anyone.”

K. Haws

“HBOT worked wonderfully in my radiotherapy treatment recovery and profoundly improved my quality of sleep.  There is a huge difference in my skin and energy level. My friends and family noticed the anti-aging benefits as well.  I continue to go twice a week and have incorporated it into my overall wellness regime.

L. Jones

“HBOT cured my acute headache. I noticed that it has also effectively shrunk my facial pores. While undergoing a treatment in the multi-place chamber, I was quite relaxed and was talking to other clients. The accompanying chamber attendant set us up and took care of us. It was a pleasant experience and is highly recommended to everyone for headache and health maintenance.”

V. Cheung

“I am happy with the result from the few HBO treatments after my cosmetic procedure.  The inflammation, the soreness and bruising of the wound on my cheeks subsided.  It was a relief that the recovery was quicker than expected.”

Y. Wang

“The third head concussion from sports injury was painful.  I had headaches from everyday activities such as cooking, walking and even talking with friends. But after about 6 treatments, the frequency of headaches decreased. With some more treatments, I will fully recover and resume my daily routine including sports activities.”

M. Folkeringa

“Each of my sons finished a course of 40 treatments for ADHD.  Oli has experienced less social anxiety and can express himself more easily.  He is also more independent … he wants to shower himself and is more comfortable with the babysitter. As for Lu, he too has been more independent and wants his own room; reads more and with milder sensory issues.  In general, they are happier.”

Oli’s & Lu’s Mom

“My son, Russell, aged 8, has autism.  After receiving 40 treatments, he is happier and is more open to changes.  There is also moderate improvement in his sleep quality, focus and attention.  He has become more connected because of his improved speech ability.”

Russell’s Mom

“I experienced a series of strokes which resulted in acute double vision and paralysis of the left side of my body. After receiving HBO treatments at IHHC, I was able to function better and perform my daily activities. I highly recommend HBOT and IHHC to everyone.”

Dr. D. V. Pauls

“My husband diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease was treated with HBOT.  After a series of treatments, he experienced a decrease in tremors, better sleep quality, improved speech ability, and an improvement in his general well-being.  Thanks to the team at IHHC.”

C. Wu

“A month after recovering from COVID, I was left with some enduring effects – shortness of breath, brain fog and fatigue. This alternative therapy significantly improved my conditions after several treatments.  Thank you IHHC.”

M. Lai

“I work 8 hours daily in a clinic and must wear a mask all day during COVID time. This makes breathing difficult and the office environment is stressful!  HBOT and the breathing exercises help to reduce my anxiety. I feel healthier because my oxygen level improves after each session.”

Z. Leung