What to expect on the day of treatment with HBOT?

At the beginning of each treatment, the client will feel the change in pressure in the ears (similar to the feeling while one is in an airplane). To equalize the pressure in the ears, the Attendant will provide instructions. It is only necessary to do this during the first few minutes of the treatment. During the treatment, the client may sleep, read books/magazines, or just relax. Patients of all ages generally tolerate the treatments very well.

Near the end of your HBOT treatment, our technician will gradually decrease the chamber pressure. This is the decompression phase, which usually lasts for about 15 minutes. During decompression, patients will experience an automatic “popping” sensation in their ears as a result of the decreasing pressure. This may be similar to what is felt in an airplane.

After a hyperbaric oxygen treatment, some clients may notice sensations of tiredness or hunger.

What are the instructions for undergoing HBOT?

Safety precautions are taken to ensure your safety at all times while inside the hyperbaric chamber. 100 % cotton clothing and footwear must be worn during the treatment.

For safety reasons, please do not wear

  • Lipstick, make-up, nail polish
  • Vaseline based products
  • Oil based products
  • Hair spray
  • Colognes and perfumes
  • Remove any unnecessary prosthetic devices
  • Wigs, watches, jewellery, contact lenses, and hearing aids.

The following are PROHIBITED from entering the hyperbaric chamber

  • Electronic devices, car key remotes
  • Batteries
  • Ball pens (pencil is fine)
  • Cigarettes, matches, lighters and smoking materials
  • Newsprint (Reading material such as books or magazines are allowed)
  • Foods, candies or juice

Because smoking constricts the blood vessels we ask that you stop smoking while taking the treatments, refrain from caffeine and carbonated drinks for 12 hours prior to each treatment.

What medications are contradicted to HBOT?

Some medications are not compatible with hyperbaric oxygen therapy such as Adriamycin, Bleomycin, and Sulfamylon. We will need to know all medications you are currently taking. Chemotherapy agents, seizure medications, steroids, and diabetic medications are of particular importance. Please be sure to inform us of all such medications that you are taking now and have them clearly indicated on our medical history form.

What other things I need to be aware before going into the hyperbaric chamber?

Please don’t hesitate to talk to our technicians or attendants if you have any concern. If you wish to take anything into the chamber with you, ALWAYS check with the staff prior to entering the chamber.

Who is not fit to have HBO therapy (HBOT)?

It is not advisable for clients to receive HBOT under the following conditions:

  • pregnancy
  • asthma attack or severe lung conditions
  • cold or fever
  • recent ear surgery or injury
  • 24 hours before or after flying